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Discover The 3 Secrets To Look & Feel Irresistible at Any Size Without Another Diet 
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Hosted by Aimee Beltran
Hi I’m Aimee.  For years, I was on a cycle of yo-yo dieting, hating my body, and emotional binge eating. I let my size dictate every single thing about my life. 

That all changed when I decided someday doesn't exist and life is too short to let the number on the scale dictate how I felt. My mission is to help women love themselves so that they can gain the confidence to look and feel irresistible at any size. I’m going to share the secrets I’ve learned along the way so that every woman can feel the same way!

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Tuesday, 3/17 @ 8pm EST
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Here’s what you’ll get in the LIVE masterclass:
Discover Why Losing Doesn’t = Automatic Happiness 
The new way to look at it so that you can look and feel irresistible at any size  in your journey.
How To Stop Being Frustrated With Your Body Even if You’re Not at Your Goal
What to do to feel comfortable in your own skin now...not at some magic goal. 
How To Love Yourself Through the Journey...not just at goal. 
Use the Irresistible You Framework to gain the confidence to stop the yo-yo diet/body  shame cycle. 
(My trainings are first come, first serve, and fill up every time so make sure you register right away and get there early!)
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